Thematic Line C
TL C: Collaborative Networks, Distributed Systems, Interoperability and Decision Based Systems
Description of the Thematic Line

The computer engineering Thematic Line C is mainly focused on three interdisciplinary topics: collaborative networks, interoperability and complex systems and decision based systems. The three groups work autonomously but considering the common goal and target of developing intelligent information systems for the internet-of-things.

The research within collaborative networks aims at contributing to understand behavioral patterns in collaborative networks and business ecosystems in order to develop new mechanisms for effective promotion of collaborative behavior, what is an antecedent for the sustainability and goals achievement in these networks. Particularly, the goal is to develop a modeling framework and well-principled reference models to comprehensively capture diverse aspects related to behavior and their inter-relationships in collaborative/competitive business ecosystems. Such models serve to better understand, define and reason about the complex and dynamic emerging behavioral interactions among autonomous and heterogeneous actors, which may constitute organizations, people, and intelligent agents.

The research within interoperability and complex systems aims at tackling the challenges that appear at organizational and semantic levels, underlying the need for patterns and solutions that support the seamless cooperation among ICT systems, information and knowledge, organizational structures and people. As information systems evolve and become more complex, the need for interoperable operations automated data interchange and coordinated seamless knowledge and behavior of large scale infrastructures becomes highly critical. However, up to now the principal tools for targeting the above challenges appear as the various standards that try to govern information systems development and operation, whilst such standards are usually linked with specific market sectors, application areas or technology trends, thus having a limited time span, a static nature and quite often different interpretations by technology vendors and users.
The research within decision based systems aims at contributing with theoretical and applied intelligent data fusion models, methods and tools. Two complementary research paths are currently being explored in this topic: a) multimodal image processing concepts and techniques and b) dynamic decision making concepts and methods in uncertain environments.

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