Thematic Line B
TL B: Energy Efficiency, Intelligent Control and Industrial Systems
Description of the Thematic Line

Thematic Line B (TL B) refers to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial/manufacturing processes and energy efficiency. This line of research concerns with the latest developments in intelligent and computer control systems, modelling and control of distributed parameter systems, industrial agents, electrical machines and drives, power electronics, robotics, factory automation and flexible manufacturing, building automation, power quality, renewable energies, energy efficiency and the sustainable development of these technologies.

TL B is constituted by 3 research groups: Energy Efficiency, Intelligent Control and Decision Support Systems, and Industrial Systems. It has 13 Integrated Members, which supervise 26 PhD students. The facilities of the Laboratory for Nanoscale Science and Nanotechnolgy (GNCN) are available for the experimental activities in Nanophysics for Clean Energy and Propulsion (View Photos).

The main research areas for the groups in TL B are:

1. Energy Efficiency group:

2. Intelligent Control and Decision Support Systems Group:

  • Predictive adaptive control algorithms;
  • Model-based decision support systems;
  • Energy efficiency applications of decision systems in buildings and industry.

3. Industrial Systems Group:

  • Intelligent Automation;
  • Service Robots.

The multidisciplinary interests among the different groups make possible the development of advanced control and decision algorithms for distributed and networked systems, reconfigurable and adaptative systems composed of intelligent devices and the sustainable development of inherent technologies.

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