Research Line B
Energy Efficiency
Structure of the Research Group
The group includes 7 PhD researchers (two of them, since the end of 2010 and one since 2013) in three main research areas: alternative energies and electrical drives, superconductivity and low temperature electrotechnics and modern electric energy processing.
  • Three researchers are more dedicated to alternative energies and electrical drives (Armando Pires, João Martins and M. Ventim Neves);
  • Two researchers are more involved in superconductivity and low temperature electrotechnics (João Murta Pina and Anabela Pronto);
  • Two researchers are specially focused in modern electric energy processing (Stanimir Valtchev and Rui Lobo);

Although the separation above mentioned, all the members support each other in research activities/projects which request multidisciplinarity and/or more critical mass.
The different, but interconnected, research areas provide to the group a more global approach to energy efficiency topic.

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