Research Line A
Group on Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems (GRES)
Structure of the Research Group
The organizational structure of the group is very simple (considering the number of members) based on 3 levels: PhD researchers level, PhD students level, and MSc students level.

Two PhD students have two PhD researchers from the group as co-supervisors, which contributes for reinforcement of the cooperation and coherency of the developed works.

Regular internal workshops allow to keep all members informed about recent developments and take benefit of synergistic contributions.

MSc students naturally tend to have a light interaction with the whole group, mostly interacting with one PhD member and (at most) one or two PhD students, leaving the group after finishing their theses in most cases.

As the IOPT-Tools framework (and its foreseen evolution) will receive new developments as well as need to benefit from continuous maintenance procedures in place, allowing a quick and adequate response to requests from international community, a post-doc scholarship is pursued (otherwise it will be impossible for the framework to achieve wide acceptance and usage, as intended).

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