Research Line A
Telecommunications & Signal Processing

The main general objectives for 2015/2020 are:

  • Generate cross fertilization with other national research groups;
  • Increment the number of graduation students;
  • Participation in European projects;
  • Collaboration with industry/companies;
  • To increase the number of patents.

The scientific objectives include the development and application of signal processing techniques, methods, algorithms and software in the following research and application areas:

  • Applications of Digital signal processing and Wavelet Analysis to fMRI data analysis, corrugation analysis and also to Automatic Sleep Spindle Detection and to brain processes, including dementia, Alzheimer and NeuroMarketing.

  • Applications of Fractional signal processing to Long Range Processes, to the Observability and Controllability of Fractional Linear Dynamical Systems and to Fractional Shift-invariant Linear Systems

  • Applications of Biomedical signal processing to EEG Spectral Analysis and NeuroMarketing, Full-band EEG, EEG High-Frequency Oscillations, and also to High-Resolution Electrocardiography, to Neurophysiological Evaluation for Epilepsy Surgery, to Automatic Sleep Scoring and to Uterine Electromyography for Pregnancy Monitoring,

  • Applications of Telecommunications Signal Conditioning and Enhancement to RSS-based localization in wireless sensor networks and in Space-time codebook design for spread systems.
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