Research Line A
Microelectronics Materials and Processes
Structure of the Research Group
The M2P group includes 9 PhD integrated researchers and 5 PhD students and a variable number of MSc students. These elements have competences in 4 main areas: films and devices manufacture, films and devices characterization, modelling and numerical simulation, optoelectronics devices and applications, depending on the skills of each member. Eight of these members are settled at ISEL and one at FCT-UNL (Guilherme Lavareda).

In the films/device manufacture three researchers handle this task (Guilherme Lavareda, Luís Miguel Fernandes and Yuri Vygranenko) an are responsible for the characterization of the produced films together with the collaboration of PhD and MSc students. Devices characterization is done by several elements of the group depending on the type of device. Modelling and numerical simulation is done mainly by three researchers (Manuel A. Vieira, Alessandro Fantoni and João Costa). Optoelectronics applications are supervised by Manuela Vieira, Paula Louro and Manuel Barata.

The organizational structure is based on 3 levels, including the group coordinator, doctors level and students level (with two sub-levels: PhD students and MSc students). The third level is very dynamic, as students naturally tend to leave the group after finishing their theses. The plan is to progressively increase the number of PhD students. Since some elements of the group are recent doctors, PhDs supervision in the past has been done by a short number of senior group members.

The recent doctors have been acquiring leading experience through supervision of MSc thesis, but it is expected that progressively they start supervising / co-supervising PhD students. Considering the reference period of 2015-2020, it is reasonable to consider a supervision capacity to accommodate between 6 and 15 PhD students in the group without compromising the needed quality of supervision. However, we should pay attention to the current economic conditions of the country that may limit the national preference for research activities and make an effort to attract foreign students, if possible with scholarships from their own countries or by the Erasmus program.

In addition to the acquisition of supervision skills by the recent doctors, M2P is also engaged, as part of its consolidation strategy, to write more transversal research projects. It is aim of the group to establish wider collaborations with other research groups in order to acquire more research projects.
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