Research Line A
Microelectronics Materials and Processes
Main Research Areas
For the last years the group developed considerable experience in materials and semiconductors, namely on optoelectronics transducers and micro/micro electronics. The main developments were done in semiconductors materials, optoelectronics, micro-electronics and energy conversion. Sixteen research projects were successfully accomplished and two additional ones are presently going on. Five more were submitted to the FCT for funding.

Three PhD theses were developed and five are currently going on. The publication record refers to 160 articles in journals (SCI or Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings), 70 publications in peered conferences (Proceedings) and 200 publications in International Congresses (Abstracts) and Seminars and finally 40 in national journals and conferences.

The M2P group (Microelectronic Materials and Processes) has successfully undertaken joint research or development project programs in the field of electronic and computers and development of new technologies, leading to the implementation of their own facilities through GIAMOS/ISEL (Group in Applied Research in Microelectronic Optoelectronic and Sensors/Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa), where they have running several research projects (national and international), covering the fields of electronic materials, optoelectronic devices, sensors and transducers.

The research group integrates nowadays 10 Ph.D. researchers, 6 Ph.D. students and 2 technicians, having available structural, compositional and electro-optical characterization facilities. In the past three years the group produced more than 100 publications in scientific reviews, books and conference communications, besides 8 PhD thesis. The scientific coordinator, Manuela Vieira, has been involved in several national and international projects working in the field of solar cells and optoelectronic devices since 1987, with several scientific, technical and strategic papers published.

The group is highly specialized in thin films materials analysis and devices. Current projects involve the development of dedicated devices based on a-SiC:H/a-Si:H technology for different applications. Recent research lines followed by the group are within short range optical communications in the visible spectrum with the development of a wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) device.

Optical biosensors are also being developed and optimized for different medicine applications, such as, glucose sensing. Visible light communications (VLC) for traffic links or vehicle/home applications is another field of research recently followed by the group, taking advantage of the expertise on photodetectors operating in the visible range. Development of plasmonic solar cells using nanotechnology for the production of such devices is a new trend of research that we hope to follow in future. Preliminary results are only related yet to simulation and modeling.
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