Research Line A
Structure of the Research Group

The group includes 6 PhD researchers, supervising 13 PhD thesis, in three main research areas: video and baseband circuits (sigma delta and pipeline ADCs), RF circuits (LNAs, Oscillators, Mixers and Filters) and CAD (development of tools for analog circuit optimization).

  • 2 researchers are dedicated to video and baseband circuits (João Goes and Nuno Paulino)
  • 2 researchers are focused on RF circuits and systems (Luis Oliveira and João Oliveira)
  • 2 researchers are developing CAD and modeling tools for optimization and characterization of above mentioned blocks (Rui Tavares and Helena Fino).
The multidisciplinary interests of the group members makes possible the development of the key blocks of modern CMOS ultra low power, low area and low cost transceivers.
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