Research Line A
  • IEEE CASS 2012 Outstanding Young Author Award
    A Two Stage Fully Differential Inverter based Self Biased CMOS Amplifier with High Efficiency”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems – I, vol. 58, no. 7, pp. 1591-1603, 2011

  • Consistent publishing in top journals
    (TCASI’05,07,11,12,13, TCAS-II’07,08,10, TBioCAS’13)

  • Consistent publishing in top conferences with silicon demonstrator (VLSI’04, ISSCC’06, ESSCIRC’11, A-SSCC’11, RFIC’12)

  • Several Spin-off companies found over the past decade (Acaciasemi’03, Mobbit Systems’03, Next Silicon’12)

  • Current design in cutting-edge technology (28 nm) – Project DISRUPTIVE 2013-1016 (500 k€)
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