Funding and Technology Transfer

In the period 2008-2012, CTS was involved in more than 118 financed projects both, national (42), and international (44), complemented by projects with industry (14) and external services (18). This is demonstrated by the successful completion of the projects and by the achievement of 16 patents.

In 2013, CTS was recognized by FCT as the 11th R&D Unit (out of all 319 R&D Units recognized by FCT) one of the top-5% R&D Centres in Portugal in the area of ICT attracting EU funds in the period 2007-2011 through FP7 EU Programs (source FCT: www.fct.pt/apoios/unidades/docs/Incentivo2013-ValoresAprovados.pdf). Moreover, regarding National Funding (from FCT), CTS reached a success-rate of 34% in 2013, which, again, is in line with the top-5% among all 319 R&D Units (source FCT: https://www.fct.pt/apoios/projectos/concursos/2012/docs/C2012-ProjetosICDT-Resumo-PT.pdf). All these national and international projects resulted from fully open competitive calls, which demonstrate the scientific recognition and competitiveness of our Centre.

Finally, regarding technology transfer, it should be emphasized that, over the past decade, five startup companies have been created (as spin-offs from CTS) namely, Holos, Acacia-Semiconductor, Mobbit-Systems, Soft-Concept and Next-Silicon.

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