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From the four core labs of CTS, three of them are located in the FCT/UNL Campus,

  • Micro/Nano-electronics Design
  • Nanophysics & Nanotechnology for Energy
  • NovaFlex manufacturing cell

and one located at ISEL

  • Micro/Nano-electronics Processes.

Micro/Nano-electronics Design Lab is equipped for testing analog and mixed signal ICs in wide range of frequencies: 2 logic analyzers (Agilent, Tektronix), 1 RF signal generator (Marconi), 1 low-jitter generator (Stanford Res.), 1 arbitrary waveform gen. (Tektronix), and 1 set of accessories. For RF circuits test (GHz range): 1 spectrum (R&S) and 1 network analyzer (Agilent), MHz & GHz range oscilloscopes (Tektronix/ R&S), differential active RF probes (R&S), 1 noise source (Noisecom), and several accessories. A semi-automatic wirebonding machine (Accelonix Iberica SL) for assembling/connecting CMOS circuit prototype dies to PCBs, and a full Cadence/Mentor/Tanner Tools IC design & simulation package.

Micro/Nano-electronics Processes Lab is equipped for optoelectronic characterization and prototyping. It comprises 3 main rooms (thin-film deposition, materials and films charact., devices charact. & development), and a workshop for prototype fabrication.
Thin film deposition room is equipped with 2 PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Deposition) reactors, for substrates up to 150 mm. Device characterization & development are performed with: lock-in amplifiers (SRS-SR830); low noise current preamplifier (SRS-SR570); diverse Keithley units: SMU, sub-femtoamp remote sourcemeter, picoampmeter; digital oscilloscopes (Tektronix & Agilent); spectrofluorometer (Jasco); spectrometers (Horiba-TRIAX190, JY-H20). For optical experiments, 1 small and 2 large optical tables (NEWPORT) are available.

NovaFlex Lab includes 4 subsystems: 2 assembly cells, automatic warehouse, and transportation subsystem. The assembly cells are built around a 6 axes ABB IRB2000 and a BOSCH SR800 SCARA robot. The cells also comprise tool exchange mechanisms. The automatic warehouse has places to store 50 BOSCHT2 pallets loaded with either raw materials, finished or unfinished products. The warehouse loads / unloads pallets from the transportation subsystem's conveyors.

Nanophysics & Nanotechnology for Energy Lab is pioneer in developing experimental work in scanning probe microscopy in combination with mass and laser spectroscopy. It includes: laser spectroscopy, non-contact atomic force microscope, scanning near-field optical microscope, mass spectrometers, molecular beams, high-vacuum technology, top range active optical table, cryogenic head, high-voltage power supplies & detectors, electronic coincidence spectroscopy, thermal desorption & laser pyrolysis spectrometry, and basic electrochemistry.

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