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The Centre of Technologies and Systems (CTS) is one of the two R&D Centres of UNINOVA Institute.

The UNINOVA (Institute for the Development of New Technologies) is a non-profit University-Enterprise association, that was formed in 1986 by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the New University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL), the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP), the Professional Training and Employment Institute (IEFP), a financial holding (IPE) and other 30 companies.

The CTS facilities are located in the UNIVOVA buildings (>1000m2) inside the campus (plus some other laboratory facilities in Lisbon at ISEL). It includes research laboratories, meeting rooms and offices.

UNINOVA also provides support to CTS in terms of administrative and financial (account) services.

CTS has a very light organization scheme:

  • A Director
  • A Scientific Council (SC) comprising some of the Coordinators of the existing 10 R&D groups within the 3 Main Lines (A, B, C);
  • An External Advisory Board (EAB);
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